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Mattress that cools the body

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    There are hot, too warm nights in summer when it is difficult to sleep and all you dream about is some coolness. Some people solve this problem using an air conditioner or a fan, other sleep on the balcony, the rest just bear the heat. The solution was found in Japan: Kobayashi Pharmaceutical company suggested a mattress which is a radiator. Its goal is to save the body from overheating and its price is much lower than the price of air conditioners.
    The mattress of 228 x 177 inches size is laid on your bed under the sheet or above it. Its main peculiarity is polymer gel filler with high thermal conductivity. This mattress "selects" the heat from the body and passes it into the air, creating a pleasant coolness for the person who sleeps.
    The mattress is advised to be kept in a cool place. There is no need to cool it before using and it is forbidden to put it in the freezer.
    Such a mattress is already sold in Japan at the price of 48$. It is the main competitor of the modern digital air conditioner.
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