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Alarm Clock That Works

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  Did you ever have an impression that no matter how many alarm clocks you have going on, radios, etc. you just can't wake up ... It happens to me all the time. Even if I am rested I do "battle with the shooooozzzzeee button" and I always win . But one think is always wierd, if my cellphone goes off (even if it is set on vibrate), or someone just says "get up." I will wake up. So I come up with a super clock.
  It will have to be set to different stages of volume:
1. quiet (first 3-5 min.)
2. medium (second 5-10 min.)
3. high (third 5-10 min.)
4. EXTRA SOUND of a cell phone, or recorded voice of anyone (even option of recording it yourself) possibly screaming!!! , or any other sound.... (whatever works for you).
  The snooze option will also have different stages:
1. 10 min.
2. 5 min.
3+. 3 min.
  Plus you want the 4 sound option to interchange (extra option maybe).
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