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    There are many sites in the internet that help tourists to plan their trips, find companions to travel by car, share apartments, etc. But there is still no travel guide that offers users to find like-minded people to travel on their own created route.
    Globetrooper startup is a resource that helps adventurers to create the holiday of their dreams and find a team of associates.
    The world is much more varied than we think. To travel in comfort on a plane and enjoy the standard tourist attractions is not bad, but narrow and limited. You can take a broad view of the world through your personal experience. To use your own route during traveling is like to go to the round trip, instead of watching TV program about it.
    Life among the local people and communication with them will let you know many new and interesting facts and, of course, will provide you with an unforgettable experience!
    Moreover, you can invite to take part in the trip not only your relatives and friends, but strangers from all over the world. There is also functionality on the site to add the route to all social networks.
    The Globetrooper site users are to indicate the main characteristics of the route such as its difficulty, the degree of risk, remoteness from civilization, cultural component, etc.
    Among other things, there is a lot of useful information on surviving in extreme conditions on the site, as well as a forum for communication with peers.
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