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Tasty postcards

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    A postcard is one of the easiest ways to congratulate a colleague, friend or acquaintance with a holiday. The only difficulty there is to choose an original and unusual card. Today, it is not a problem since postcards manufacturers provide us with a huge variety of shapes and designs. In today's market one can find cards of any format and size, to fit any taste and any occasion.
    It seemed that nothing new could be suggested in this field of business? But designers and artists are finding new and original solutions and ideas that can make any customer feel surprise and delight.
    What do you say, for example, if you receive a slice of chocolate cake as a greeting to your Birthday? This is an original, beautiful, tasty and unusual solution.
    Cake Mail is the most delicious postcard in the world! What could be better than a chocolate cake on your birthday, wedding, Valentine's Day or any other occasion? Perhaps, a piece of a chocolate cake is the only thing that can soften the heart on the day when a loved one is absent.
    And this is the only occasion when the "dry" stale piece of cake can cause so many positive emotions.
    Postcard-cake is so similar to a real chocolate cake that postal employees are often confused when they see such a card. The card can be purchased on Etsy, the price is $14.5.
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