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Nicotine Incense

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  With Nicotine Incense you can have a weak or strong second hand scented smoke, without tabacco, that will last and curb your cravings when you try to quit. You can use it in any place. Even use it in your ash tray in your car. If you just want the smell of tabacco in your area then, you can have that too. It is like a cigarette but, it has only the nicotine burning and you inhale it like a cigarette only, it is constantly in the air to inhale giving you a continuous stream of nicotine with the nice smells of any incense. You can even get this product in a paper cigarette delivery system, like a cigarette, but, with only the nicotine to smoke. You could have any kind of smell with your nicotine incense and it could be a small pyramid shape or a stick. Any kind of incense sold today could contain nicotine and help curb your cravings. After all, second hand smoke is stronger than smoking a real cigarette in the first place so, you get more nicotine without the cancerous tabacco.
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