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A shop, where second-hand clothes become designer clothes

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    A very interesting shop ONE NOFFS was opened in Sydney. It creates designer works from the old stuff. The idea belongs to Rupert Noffs who is the grandson of Ted Noffs (the founder of The Ted Noffs Foundation, a charitable organization that helps the drug addicts and alcoholics). He developed the concept of "second hand" store turning an ordinary shop of old stuff into the platform for creative and talented young designers work, who can also make money on this.
    ONE NOFFS shop offers work not only to professional designers but also amateurs who want to try themselves in the fashion business. The essence of the following is that the designers come into the store, get the old stuff, which they turn into fashionable and stylish wardrobe items in three weeks. Those items that couldn't be turned into stylish and original ones are returned back to the store.
    Designer clothes are sold in the store, and their creators receive 20% of sales. Another 20% goes to charity - in the The Ted Noffs Foundation fund, which aims to protect the younger generation from drugs and alcohol.
    It's really an interesting idea. It adds new meaning to such a concept as thrift. At the shop window, where the designer cloths are sold, there is always the designer resume.
    The price is determined by the designer, but the sales manager can always correct it according to the market demand. Young designers have obvious advantages of such cooperation - money, fame and opportunity to create.
    Due to the unique concept, the ONE NOFFS shop is discussed not only in local newspapers but also in well-known fashion magazines. This means that designers have an excellent chance to attract the attention of the rich and famous.
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