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Dr. Gibbson
My idea is to create a device similar to an ordinary hairdryer which will help to get rid of pediculosis. This device will blow louses and kill all nits. In that way one can cope with pediculosis in minutes.
Mr X
Manufacturers of book bags are constantly developing new convenient models, improving the design and functionality of the most important school attribute. The Concentrate Company invented a new and unique ergonomic school bag with a seat, which is hung on a chair not a desk. The main feature of Chairpadbag is that its ergonomic design allows you to make a chair more comfortable, and work in the classroom effectively. While unfold, a backpack turns into a seat on a chair and storage...
House call by a child sleep adviser is a new service popular among young American parents. The help of such consultants is not cheap ($200 - $800), which is practically comparable to the cost of business consultants. The principle of the sleep consultant is the same - he analyzes the causes of anxiety, various stressful situations and develops a plan how to improve them, teach parents the right approach to communicating with the child. Consultant's advice is a simple practical...