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The smart nicotine patch will inject a specific dose of nicotine on demand, helping to prevent cravings and making it easier to stop smoking. Instead of delivering a steady stream of nicotine like conventional nicotine patches, the smart patch will deliver doses that are synchronized with the user's cravings. The system will also be equipped with Bluetooth, which will allow it to send real-time data to smartphones regarding nicotine consumption while also providing a way to control...
Below are the tips which helped me greately to stop smoking: * Inform someone that you're going to quit smoking. By telling people, you are not only making the commitment to yourself, but to others as well. After that, make sure the people you hang around most often are aware of your plan. You'll be surprised how supportive people are, even if they themselves are smokers. * Define a quit date. I recommend giving yourself somewhere in the vicinity of two to four weeks. This...