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Foldable skis will be designed to allow snowboarders to access terrain they will not be able to reach on their boards. The skies will come with skins already attached, providing the traction needed to climb the mountain. Once at the top, the skis can be folded into thirds and locked down with cam hinges. They will include a specially created backpack designed to keep the skis secured at a low center of gravity. The skis will open up the backcountry to snowboarders, allowing...
Skiing and snowboarding are sports that I am fond of. Why not have googles that give you all kinds of statistics while you slide down the mountain? They will come with GPS and have a screen in the glasses. The display will tell you things like your contact information, external conditions, speed, altitude, distance, temperature and number of runs. You can even use them as a stopwatch and a clock to keep your progress.
My idea is to have a snowboard / mountain skateboard with big wheels (there will be a button for changing modes). I will use snowboard to go down a snowy hill; in case there are rocks, dirt or a road I will be able to change the mode just pressing the button and the wheels will pop out.