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A new system will use an electronic baggage sticker and a geolocating device to allow users to keep track of their luggage's whereabouts while also saving time at the airport. The eTag and eTrack will be used separately or together. The eTag will be designed to replace the typical airline baggage sticker with an electronic sticker that will allow the user to load the flight information at home, before the trip begins. The tag will sync with a smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing...
Mr X
I travel a lot on business and for pleasure. One of the most popular items I bring home from a vacation is a bottle of alcohol. Unfortunately, getting the bottles home without damage can be very tricky, especially when others are handling your luggage along the way. The protective case for alcohol is a real rescue. It is made of padded, leak-proof nylon to help shield the bottle from the abuse that the bags will take along your voyage. It also has a see-through window on the front...
My idea is to create a chain of clothes stores all around the world which all work like an international bank. You deposit will be your money in your city's store. If you want to travel to another country you don't need to take any clothes. When you arrive you take your clothes from bank clothes store, and when you leave you return them.
Do you like your ordinary suitcase? Don't you want to make it unusual? I can suggest you funny suitcase stickers as a solution. There are nine humorous pictures, which can allow tourists to stand out from gray and dismal crowds at the airports or train stations, as well as to cope better with any troubles of travelling such as delays or a long customs examination. For example, there are stickers with the image of money, drugs, tied woman, sex toys in the Suitcase Stickers...
If you are a person who travels a lot you know that it can be very tiresome to wait for the flight. Many flights depart with a delay; among charters the value of delays reaches 50%. If you wait for the flight in the check-in area you have to stand as there are no vacant seats there. Your legs and back begin to ache after standing for a long time. I can provide you with a solution to this problem. A suitcase with a folding seat of a Sitting Pretty series (Walkin'Bag trademark) are more...