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Organic restaurant for pets

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    Chew Chew organic restaurant was opened in Sydney. Risotto made from organic chicken with Bolognese sauce and cappuccino from goat's milk are the most popular dishes with dogs and cats, who are the frequenters of this unique place.
    The owner of the restaurant is a specialist in pets' dietetic nutrition. She believes that food is the main factor of health not only for men but also for animals.
    She began her own business of selling organic food for pets three years ago. This experience helped her to understand the market, identify the preferences of the customers and finally open her own restaurant. Despite the fact that the restaurant for pets was opened only a month ago, it is not empty and has already had regular customers. A new restaurant has a very good reputation and excellent reviews so new clients are easily attracted.
    While cats and dogs regale themselves with organic food, their owners spend time over a cup of coffee in the next room.
    Chew Chew organic restaurant has also a service of food delivery. People who live in remote areas of Sydney can make orders online.
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