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HR portal with reward for employment assistance

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    HR portals mushroom out in the Internet. They are almost as popular as dating sites. To attract visitors, the organizers of such portals often suggest original ideas. For example, the main feature of Jobsket site is that all CVs are evaluated by a special program reasoning from the experience and education of candidates, i.e. each candidate can find out his real value on the market. The main objective of the South African GetaGreatBoss resource is to help job seekers to find a good boss. A very unusual pattern of attracting candidates was proposed by JobPrize site... the idea is that the applicants pay the users for employment assistance.
    The idea itself is not new. Many HR agencies use such a model, in other words they sell the information about open job positions to competitors. But JobPrize HR portal pattern of paid employment is slightly different. Here, the applicant pays the person, who offered him the suitable position, and only in case of successful recruitment.
    The scheme of work on JobPrize portal is the following: applicants register, attach their resumes and define the reward they can pay a "helper" for the help with employment.
    "Hunters for the reward," namely, working users are browsing profiles of candidates for suitable positions they can recommend them for in their own companies. If the requirements of both parties (the applicant and the employer) coincide, then the applicant is given a tip on the job. In the case of a successful recruitment the person, who helped with the vacancy, is paid either by the applicant or the employer (if such an alternative is available).
    The idea to suggest the applicants to pay for their employment certainly increases their chances of success. The reward magically encourages users to help their colleagues and friends. In this regard, JobPrize much more effective than its competitors, where such employment assistance is free of charge.
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